The Penis: Advice For The Less Endowed

With a combination of stimulation and foreplay, a man with small penis can make any lady go wild. An average erect penis can be six inches; if you are one of the men out there that fall short of this statistic, you might be concerned about your dimension in relation to your sexual performance. Although it is correct that size has its benefits, it is not length that matters, it is width. Most ladies do not like having their cervices rammed into and this is what happens with men who are too endowed. Nothing is sexy about intercourse that hurts and this is what many women complain about if a guy has a large penis. The following tips on foreplay and penetration is going to give any woman a lot of pleasure regardless of your small size.

Before you make your entrance, engage in foreplay. A man that has a small manhood should take advantage of this. By prolonging foreplay until your partner is completely aroused and closer to orgasm, the easier it is going to be for her to climax. You should spend quality time stimulating her clitoris. You can do this via manual stimulation or orally until she climaxes at least one time before penetration.

When doggie style is performed at a good angle, a small penis can feel quite large. It is essential that you place her in a position that allows her to put her head and shoulders on the pillow as her bottom is raised in the air. Her back should be arched and her thighs tightly drawn together. This is not only an easy style but also the most popular. During penetration, try to lead forward and maintain a lot of physical contact.

Another position is to lay your girl on her back, spread her thighs and then draw her legs up until her knees are closer to her ears. Place a pillow under her bottom so that her vagina will be at an angle suitable for this position. As you will be penetrating, she is going to feel as though you are filling her vagina fully. Once intercourse becomes wild, you should support her knees using your arms so that she can be comfortable. This is also an ideal style for her to masturbate. Encourage her to slip her hand between her legs to stimulate her clitoris as you will be rocking her world from inside.

Written by 3dsir