Make up and Skin Care tips from Oxford Circus Escorts for your lovely date

Styles of make-up go in and out of season almost as quick as the year’s latest fashion trends, and you don’t want to be the girl who gets left behind and applies the same style over and over again. This year, impress all of your friends – and maybe some other people you’ve had your eye on – by putting on the latest trends fresh out of the designer world. These are some of the techniques and styles you should consider to elevate your make-up game to the next level. In short, this season’s styles are all about being loud and noticeable – subtlety be damned according to Oxford Circus Escorts of
Metallic Touches Call it the Lorde effect. Large, glittery metallic eye shadow that’s reminiscent of an over-the-top 70’s style will keep you standing out from the crowd. Try silver, bronze, gold or any other colors you want to try out that jump out and let you capture the gaze of anyone you lock eyes with. Shine on you crazy diamond.
Eye-popping Eyelashes Don’t try and tame the lashes, this season is all about letting them hang out as loudly and proudly as possible. Right now the fashion world is obsessed with large, doll-like eyelashes that attract – no, demand – attention. Don’t be afraid to curl your eyelashes and make them as dark and noticeable as possible. Be careful though; combining this with the metallic eye shadow might tip you over the edge unless you can successfully balance both.
Accentuated Eyeliner Don’t be afraid of dark, bold eyeliner. This is the season to go all-out with your darker shades of eyeliner to create a smoky, sultry gaze that’ll stop people in their tracks. Don’t be afraid to bring the line a little past your eye up back towards your temple to give it your own personal twist. Combine with the darker, curled eyelashes for an unforgettable look.
Bright Cheeks Call it ballerina chic, but whatever it is it’s taking over parts of the fashion world. Soft, glowing cheeks are very in this season, particularly as the fall winds down and the winter begins. Fight back against the cold weather with softly colored cheeks that cover any imperfections. Combine it with a tight hair bun to get that ‘just left dance class’ look that’s been making the rounds on the catwalk this year. Whatever you decide to do with your makeup this season, don’t be afraid to experiment with loud and bold styles. Combine some of these styles for a fresh, modern look that’ll turn heads.
My holy grail to smooth skin is sugar scrubs. What better way to exfoliate than with a simple homemade sugar scrub. My go to scrub is made with 3 parts coarse sugar to one part olive oil and any other essential oil that you like. I use this about once a week and not only does it feel amazing on the skin but it will leave you smelling super sweet. Scrubs and exfoliants similar to this get rid of blemishes and build up leaving your skin with a glow that is simply irresistible.
In order to obtain smooth skin it must be properly moisturized. Shea butter not only provides an extensive amount of moisture, but also contains nutrients to achieve healthier skin. The vitamin A in Shea butter effectively improves a variety of skin conditions. I have replaced all of my store bought lotions with Shea butter as my new complete moisturizer and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Written by 3dsir