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Hanna is sexy blonde with legs up to her buttocks. She’s a former porn star who moved back to her native UK after things went pear-shaped in America porn industry. To say Hanna is sexy would be an understatement, she is among the most desirable and sexy escorts in London. Recently Hanna and I have been spending plenty of time together, and a couple of my friends say that she has become an addiction.
I will admit that I visit her at least twice a week, but I wouldn’t call that an addiction. Any man would visit his girlfriend at least twice a week, so why cannot I see my escort two times a week?
Hanna is just sensational when it comes to fun and play. If you are seriously interested in having some adult fun when you visit London, you should attempt to determine if you can find a date with Hanna. I normally book from day to day, so in case you want to meet with Hanna, you will need to make arrangements a couple of days ahead of time.
She is probably among the busiest escorts in East Ham, and cancellations are hard to come by. Hanna offers an array of different services, and she could even do some duo dating another East Ham woman if you’re interested. That will cost you a bit more, but of course, you’ll be treated to specials such four handed massages.
Duo dating is becoming popular here in East Ham, but you want to allow for some additional time. Most guys think they can just book a couple of hours. The date I reserve three hours so that I can make the most of my time with the rest when I duo date. What’s the point of having to sensational sexy blondes with? You if you can’t enjoy them both. It is even nice to be able to have a tiny recovery in between the girls. I have duo dating for some years, and I think it’s the ultimate way to treat yourself to a few extra pleasure. There are only a few tricks to creating a duo date go off with a swing, but most importantly you want to be chilled out as the girls can seriously turn you on.

Written by 3dsir